Thursday, January 27, 2011

Simplification is but a Dream

Just when decided to simplify my life by getting rid of all but a few favourite plants, Nature chose to conspire against me. An Easter Lily that had been dormant for well over a year threw out two buds.

I was happy that the plant was going to flower; sad because it was going to do so when I was not in town.

Yesterday morning, while watering the plants, I saw a bud starting to open. By afternoon, the flower was in full bloom. It was perfect. I couldn't stop looking at it.

Guess my plants are safe for now.

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For an earlier episode of the Easter Lily saga, visit here.


Danette said...

Beautiful pictures. I am waiting for my orchids to throw out a bud or two. They have a shoot that has been slowly growing for several months now and they look like they might be ready to bud so it's very exciting... but you're right, simplification is a dream. If we get rid of one complication another steps in to takes it's place. And the beauty of nature makes up for it's "complication." Witness your picture!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Clearly the flowers discovered your secret plan to downsize them and are fighting back with beautiful blossoms!

Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - Those are absolutely beautiful! Isn't it amazing how what we discount sometimes turns out to be crucially important?

kmckendry said...

I love my flowers too! I had a poinsettia that I had kept for 3 years and it was starting to look very sad so I had decided to throw it away. Before I got the chance, it began to bloom. Well now I just can't bring myself to toss it. :)

Jan Morrison said...

so lovely. we do tend to flower when we are threatened so perhaps the plants knew about your...ahem...plot?

Arlee Bird said...

That was such a great observation with lovely photos to accompany it.
It is true--simplification is against human nature in the first place and everytime we try to simplify our lives something steps in to complicate things. Ah, the wonders and wonderfulness of life!

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Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

It's beautiful - I'm glad you didn't miss the bloom.

Chary Johnson said...

I love when you post pics of your gorgeous flowers.

*wishes for a green thumb*

Anonymous said...

What stunning blooms! So glad they are going to live on for a while...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You can't chuck it now!

LTM said...

gorgeous! And wouldn't you know it? But you realize I'm sure that now you know just how much you need to "tend" to these flowers~ :o) <3

Jemi Fraser said...

So very, very cool! I love surprises like that - it did NOT want to get tossed out :)

dipali said...

So beautiful!

slommler said...

What a wonderful surprise!! Beautiful

Al said...

Gorgeous, story and pics!

Dorte H said...

No, you can´t kill a flower in bloom, can you? (My most successful method is slow starvation).

Beautiful pictures!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Danette - I do hope the orchid blooms sooner rather than later. There is something so wonderful about watchign something bloom, isn't there.
And you are so true. When you simplify something, something else takes its place :-(

@ Debra - and I am not complaining!!!

@ Margot - thank you. And yes, that always happens, doesn't it?

@ kmckendry - tell me about poinsettias- they must be the most frustrating plants to have in yoru home!

@ Jan - thank you. And yes I do think they got wind of the plot.

@ Lee- after the flowers, I thought I could simplify by blogging less, but your A to Z comes and disrupts that plan.

@ Jane - it is gorgeous, isn't it?

@ Chary - thank you. And I hope I have many more photographs to post.

@ Fiona - I don't think I am goign to plan on getting rid of them just yet.

@ Alex - no way!

@ Leigh- when you really think about it, all they need is water, and an occational loving word. But even that is too much to ask for sometimes.

@ Jemi - it sure did not.

@ Dipali - Thank you

@ SueAnn - thank you

@ Al - thank you.

@ Dorte - no way. Slow starvation is but one of the ways. The most effective though is overfeeding.


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