Thursday, April 1, 2010

A for April

April has always been a month that gets itself marked out in my calendar of memories. Speaking with my professional hat on, it is the first month of the new financial year, and therefore should be special. But that’s not it at all. I never look forward to April, the way I do to June and the monsoons, back to school bustle and my birthday, or to October and its festivals. It is just that thing seem to happen in April more than they do in any other month.
Things good and bad. Things expected and unexpected. Things small and big. Things! Things that make me remember the month even years later.
April 2009 – a minor surgery that culminated in my hysterectomy in August.
April 2008 – my older one and me taking swimming lessons from the same coach
April 2007 – shifting back to Bombay from Delhi
April 2006 – us investing in a piece of real estate
April 2005 – the accidental conception of my younger one
April 2004 – shifting from Bombay to Delhi
April 2003 – husband moving jobs, and us shifting into the prettiest house I have ever lived in
I think you get the drift.
Some of those things were planned, many were not. Some were planned for an earlier or a later date, but ended up happening when they did.
I don’t have anything planned for April 2010, which makes me wonder what surprises the month has in store for me. Should I be excited, or apprehensive?


arlee bird said...

Good job getting this post up.
T.S. Eliot said "April is the cruellest month". I don't know why- he must have had a lot of bad experiences during April. In the U.S. April is when taxes are due and if you have to pay a lot I guess that's bad. My mother's and youngest daughter's birthdays are in April.
For most of us there is good and bad. I can't imagine April always being bad. Nice to read your first post in the April Challenge and the topic was certainly appropriate.

Anonymous said...

It seems that more good things have happened to you in April than bad.. so I think that it will be full of good surprises!

Momo's Ma said...

hi, new here. been a lurker for some time. intrigued by the chanllenge. n ur post is quite apt.heres wishing u a great april. one good thing happening is for sure in april 2010...u will be blogging daily...:) alphabetically too.:) n good luck


A good start to the challenge, April do seem to highlight in your life, lets hope it's all good this April.
Have a lovely day.

Wanda said...

Expect good things this April. Great start on the A-Z challenge. Happy Blogging!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Just expect the best!

And I like the one about the 'accidental' conception of your youngest. That's funny.

Mason Canyon said...

Go with expect the best. Enjoyed your post and good luck with challenge.

Trevor Peck said...

As long as you have your coffee, I say bring it on!! Come whatever may!!

Man, I really want a coffee now! Happy A2Z

Love in the Truth

Ann Elle Altman said...

Great post. I love new months - April included. I find that it's a way to have a new start without waiting for a new year. I look forward to every new month with eagerness and vigor.


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

The main thing I identify with April is that our taxes are due by the 15th so almost anything else that can happen this month should be more exciting than that!

I hope you find you have nothing to be apprehensive about this April.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ arlee - thanks for starting the challenge. I didn't really think I could do it, but have A to E done in my mind :-)
And yes, April is taxes in the US, isn't it?

@ Fiona - *touch wood* more good things have happened to me in my life than bad, and April is no exception. The point, though, is that in this month, things do happen.....

@ Momo's Ma - thanks for delurking. And yes, that is a point!

@ Yvonne - thanks. My computer is acting up today, but once it is fixed (hopefully on Monday), I look forward to reading your alphabetised poetry.

@ Wanda - with all your wishes, I do think something good is going to happen in April. And I'll stop by your blog on Monday.

@ Diane - I normally do, and mostly it is only good things that happen to me. I'm either lucky or content, or both.
And well, it was an 'accidental' conception:-) But that's a whole new story.

@ Mason - thanks. And the challenge should eb fun.

@ Trevor - drag up a chair. Your coffee is coming right up.

@ Ann - me too. I always look forward to a new month, and even make resolutions pretty often.

@ Jane - taxes!!!! Yes, anything would be more exciting than that.

Jan Morrison said...

excitement and trepidition are one coin, no? april sounds like it is full of changes for you whether they seem positive or negative at the time is no matter! we grow from everything or at least that is what i tell myself. i've decided not to use capitals in april. what do you make of that?

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Jan - you are quite right. Things happen to you, but what you take away from those things is upto you.
And no capitals at all in April? You will have quite a task with your WiP in that case.

Lisa said...

Be excited! Sounds like most of the happenings were good ones! :O)


Beth said...

Hope your April is amazingly awesome!

dipali said...

Wish I had the bandwidth to take this up.
Looking forward to a month full of goodies from you!
Do write about the prettiest house you've ever lived in- it jumped out at me from your list of interesting Aprils!

Cathy said...

Hello there
Nice to meet you, I'm just catching up on some A-Z posts - March is the month in my house. Can look back and remember more March happenings than any other month
Looking forward to the rest on the month

Not enough hours! said...

@ Lisa - true. Most of them were nice things.

@ Beth - thank you

@ Dipali- the prettiest house was this awesome seafacing apartment in Bandra, where we were for most of my pregnancy, and for the first four months of my older one. Guess there is a story there somewhere.

@ Cathy - most people do have that one month, don't they?


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