Friday, April 2, 2010

B is for the Burrow

Q- What do you get when three Gryffindors, one Slytherin, two Ravenclaws and two Gryffindors who jumped ship to Hufflepuff get together?
A- The public face of the Burrow.

My Writers’ Group was formed when a bunch of Potter-heads decided there was more to writing than just fan-fiction. Though our writerly ambitions didn’t take off as planned, we started drabbling in drabbles, and mounted a collaborative show at an art-galley in Cardiff. An Advent Calendar followed on our website, followed by a Valentine feature and an Easter feature. These became traditions, and we mounted the same projects the following year.

April is the time for our "Easter Eggs" feature -

One click will take you to fifteen wonderful stories from across the globe celebrating Spring in all its hues - life, birth, rebirth, tradition, seasons. Enjoy!



A lovely read and so interesting.

Have a lovely day.


Momo's Ma said...

nice one. very short n sweet

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Wonderful idea!

And you have an award at my blog today!

Faith Pray said...

What a treasure to have this group! I enjoyed the story collage. Fascinating idea!

Ann Elle Altman said...

That sounds like a great site. I will check it out.


Trudy said...

Beautiful eggs! And what a fabulous idea to collaborate with your writer's group that way, I will have to stop by to visit the others too.

Popping in from the A to Z challenge!

Have a blessed day.

Chary Johnson said...

Great post! The image looks beautiful. Loved your drabbles. My favorite is the colored powder dyes. Exquisite image to go with a wonderfully written drabble.

Carol Conway-Fleisher said...

Cool eggs and what a great Idea. I love the Harry Potter series

Cathy said...

Sounds an interesting site - will bookmark it and have a look some time. Its great to have a friends with the same interests, your writers group sounds like the place to be

Not enough hours! said...

@ Yvonne - thanks.

@ Momo's Ma - thank you. Great things come in little packages, as ever mother knows

@ Diane - thank you. And THANK YOU!

@ Faith - yes, it is wonderful having such a wonderful group of writer friends.

@ Ann - it is great fun, yes.

@ Trudy - thank you. And most of the Burrowers also blog, and they are immensely more entertaining than I could ever be.

@ Marjorie - you should. You really, really should.

@ Chary - thanks, Chary. I loved your drabbles too, specially the one about covering all bases.

@ Carol - thank you. And Harry Potter is the best, isn't it?

@ Cathy - you will never regret bookmarking the Burrow - we are such different people, you will never know what you will unearth.


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