Wednesday, April 21, 2010

R for ... eRm, eR, eRm... well, R for a lot of things

Monday morning on the way to work, I had my R post written in my head- R for Religion, and the post was supposed to be about the religious intolerance that some schools dig into their student's heads in the name of religious instruction.

But by the time I got down to writing it, my six year old was reading out something to his younger brother, who was laughing hysterically at it. I found that my son was going "lada lada lada" over the words he did not know, and I wanted to blog about it. R for Reading it was going to be.

But before that happened, I got thinking about my poor right knee, and about how I decided to rest it for a few weeks to give it a chance to recover from the battering it has been receiving recently. R for Running it could have been, but I realised I have blogged about that very often in the past.

When I woke up in the morning, I knew I had to write my R post, but I just couldn't make up my mind what to blog about. Any of the above, all of them, or none of them.

So finally I decided to make it "R for the 3 Rs". Reading, wRiting and 'Rithmetic are supposed to be the three things that constitute an education. Strangely, I am passionate about all three. As my facebook profile says, "I read because I do not know what else to do in the spare time that I do not have. I write to get those pesky characters out of my head." And 'rithmetic because I can't dream of a life when I did not have numbers to play with.

Hopefully tomorrow's post would make a little more sense than this one did.


Anonymous said...

This makes perfect sense!


Pleased to know you're ok,
I too think it makes sense.Hope your knee recovers soon,


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Makes sense to me!

arlee bird said...

That made a whole lot of sense and was a meaningful post. There might not be an "R" in the word "education", but there are plenty of Rs in the field. That post was an insp-R-ation.

A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

slommler said...

I "R" worried. I understood this post! Ack! Education is supposed to be about the three "R's" but nowadays I don't know. Kids are dropping out of school at a rapid rate. Their test scores are really low. And on and on and on!! This is scary.
I say, back to the basics!!

Shannon said...

I loved this post! Made perfect sense to me!

Mason Canyon said...

Makes perfect sense to me. It shows how we can start out to do one thing and end up with something totally different, but just as good.

Thoughts in Progress

Patricia Stoltey said...

Makes sense to me. :)

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Well done! Perhaps 'R' is for rumination...or for 'rationalization'. However, thinking about your knee, perhaps 'R' had better be for 'rest'.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha! Sometimes, our brain just gets the better of us - fun post! :-)

Marjorie said...

The most important "R" to me in school was the "R" In the middle of the word aRt. It was by far my best subject. If I would have showed up to school more English probably would have been a close second. That falls into the "reading" catagory.

Looks like your mind was everywhere today just like your coffee rings.

Beth said...

Cute post! I've always loved listening to kids "read." My son was a delayed reader but he could tell some whopper stories from the pictures!

Jemi Fraser said...

Nothin' wrong with this post! I love the image of your kids reading together and having such fun! As a teacher I'm completely with you on the 3 Rs!! :)

Al said...

I feel this sort of indecision about my posts all the time. So I just put up more piccies!

Lisa said...

Made perfect sense to me -- except the part about liking math, LOL. :O)

dipali said...

So many R's!
You 'R' so many things to so many people!

Ellie said...

Hi, I almost did the 3 "R"s...I wished I liked math; I use to! I love it when the bigger kids read to the younger ones and to hear laughter is the best!

Hope you knee is better, soon!

Not enough hours! said...

@ Fiona - that is a relief to know.

@ Yvonne - thank you so much for writing to check if I was fine - that meant a lot to me. And there isn't really anything wrong with the knee, but I want to know that it stays fine.

@ Diane - feels so good to know someone gets what you mean, even if you are not too sure yourself

@ Lee - thank you. It is strange that education doesn't have an R in it, considering how much of education is based around the Rs.

@ SueAnn - I think we are all a little crazy deep down, and understand each other. And yes, education is not what it used to be - today, the kids who learn are so much smarter than we ever were, but the ones who do not are so much worse off. In our days, things were at least standardised.

@ Shannon - thank you.

@ Mason - and it is fun to do that once in awhile, isn't it?

@ Patricia - it wouldn't have to a lot of people I know in life. Shows how the internet really gets similar people together

@ Elspeth - R is for rest, but I loved the other Rs you came up with too.

@ Shannon - it does, doesn't it? Thank you.

@ Marjorie - you are a very talented artist- I still remember some of the pictures you posted on HPANA. You are also a good writer, which makes another R.

@ Beth - my son used to call himself a story teller. Some of his stories are really nice.

@ Jemi - nothing like the 3 Rs, I always say. If you get them right, you get everything right. And I love watching them read.

@ Al - but everyone loves all your photographs. We are lucky we get to see them on the internet - anyone else would make people line up in galleries to see them

@ Lisa - your post on Peppers had a lot of maths in it, LOL. :O)

@ dipali - aren't we all?

@ Ellie - wish you had too. Would have been fun to read another take on it. And yes, nothing like hearing laughteR. The best R of all.


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