Friday, December 11, 2009


The kids use him as a punching bag- left hooks, karate kicks, head butts, he’s known them all.

When they outgrow their clothes, their mother gives it to him. He wears them without grumbling- better than being naked any day.

Sometimes, the kids snuggle into him, shower him with kisses and hug him tight.

Many a tear has been shed on his shoulder, he’s given more comfort than most his age.

But sometimes, just sometimes, he wishes he had a companion who was consistent. Someone with whom to swap secrets and sit companionably enjoying the silence.

Teddies need friends too.

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Jan Morrison said...

and what a dear face he has. Over here, a few Buddhist pals and I have Buddies' Day and it usually falls on the Buddhist Childrens' Day which is coincidentally almost always MY BIRTHDAY! We get the buddies together and we give them imaginary presents. Once we even included the tea cozy because it looked sad and disgruntled (and you don't want that in a working buddy). Perhaps your kids might be interested in our tradition. It's very fun to invent what a buddy might like. On occasion, I have made real presents for buddies - like hockey gear for a small but ferocious duck that I know, or a straw hat for a teddy prone to gardening.

dipali said...

Such a darling teddy!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Jan, that is such a fantastic idea. I am sure the kids would love to formalise it too - they keep inventing things they want to give their 'buddies' and I encourage them where I can. But this is such a fantastic idea. Thank you.
(that was accompanied by a huge hug)

Rayna M. Iyer said...

And yes, dipali, he is an adorable teddy, isn't he? Sleeps right over my bed at night, and I am always scared he may topple down!


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