Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Christmas posy

I don't remember a time when I haven't been fond of flowers. And while I normally prefer flowers on a plant, vases of cut-flowers have always marked celebrations.

Even after I had my kids, I've bought flowers whenever I could. The three things I remember about all their birthday celebrations are the clothes they wore, the cake we cut, and the flowers in the house. But after we moved back to Bombay two and a half years back, I've never really indulged in flowers.

On the afternoon of Chirstmas Eve, I was in a really foul mood. One of those moods where I needed a hug almost as much as the body needs oxygen. I knew that drastic steps had to be taken if I was to survive the X-mas weekend.

Since a spontaneous hug didn't seem forthcoming, I decided to pamper myself with cut-flowers.

I wanted to get something bright and yellow, but the only flowers available in the flower market were rather straggly looking asters. I bought two bunches of mixed pink and white flowers, and my spirits automatically perked up.

It is a measure of how long I have been without flowers that I could not find a single vase anywhere in the house. But I did find a teapot which could serve the purpose.

I have seen better flowers, much better flowers. But few things have cheered me up as much as these flowers have.

Flowers! How do people who cannot appreciate them, survive without the touch of beauty in their lives?
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ladyfi said...

That hot pink is just so cheerful! Hope you got that hug you needed..

I wish you cheerfulness over the holiday season.

Jan Morrison said...

I'm with you Rayna. They are NECCESARY. I have to have them and don't understand when people think they are an indulgence. Caviar and diamonds are an indulgence - good carpets, flowers, books and chocolate are neccesary.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Fiona - the flowers did give me the hug I needed!

@ Jan- absolutely. And if you think about it, by buying cut flowers, you are giving a livelihood to the sellers and the growers.


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