Friday, December 12, 2008

Reliving memories

It is that time of the year again– the time when you look back at the year gone by and make plans for the next year. For me, it is also the time when I go through folders and folders of photographs to pick the ones I want on next year’s calendar.
Last year, the layout I selected allowed only one photograph per month, so I restricted myself to pictures that tracked how the two boys met each other and grew up together. This year, I was able to find a layout where I can have two photographs per page, so I went exploring in folders that have been unvisited for so long, the paths have nearly got obstructed with weeds.

Was my older one really that chubby a baby? How could I forget so many of the things that he loved doing and which the younger one never tried out? And the younger one – how could I not have recognized that straining of his facial features when the camera had no difficulty in capturing it – even as a baby, he showed how competitive he was to grow up to be.
Fun too to see how they still do all the things they did as a baby – the younger one is older now and capable of pushing back, so their fights have got more violent, but they were always rather physical with each other.

Picking just 24 photographs out of eight years of photographs is not a task I am ever going to take up ever again. Next year, I am sticking to picking twelve pictures from the current year.

But, again, would I want to miss the joy of browsing through those albums?

And here are photographs of the four-month olds that the kids once were.
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Bubbly Bala said...

God they look so similar at that stage even their patti had a problem diffferenciating them. Now ofcourse they at very different from aech other

Natasha Ramarathnam said...

Even their mother could only tell them apart from their clothes!!!


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