Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Periwinkle .... red!

The Periwinkle was never a plant I was particularly fond of. The faded voilet/mauve colour was not exactly what I would call attractive, and a plant that flowers as profusely as the periwinkle does tend to be taken for granted.

At the Nursery a couple of days before my son's birthday, I saw a tiny plant with vivid crimson flowers. It looked not unlike an annual, which I normally steer clear of, but this particular colour was so attractive, I had to ask what it was. The attendent muttered something I could not catch, then told me that the same plant came in other colours too (something like clothes, I guess - choose a pattern, then pick the colour). It was only when I saw the tell-tale periwinkle coloured flowers, that I managed to identify the flower.

Ever since the plant came home about a month back, there hasn't been a single day without at least one flower. Whether I am there to see it or not, the plant dutifully pushes out a couple of flowers every day - and most days, I make it a point to steal at least one glance at the blooms.

One of my favourite flowers in the garden, I can't but wonder at how much the colour of a flower determines its perceived beauty.
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