Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life around the cross

The cross marks the grave of a long forgotten inhabitant. Candles often flicker at the foot of the cross, stringy garlands of lilies sometimes adorn the neck. People visit on All Saints' Day- relatives or congregation, I never found out.
The family that lives around the cross is Hindu. Their life revolves around the cross. Their women scrape off the molten wax that drips onto the pedestal, and removes the garlands when they become dry and dusty. Their festivals are celebrated around it. It is an intrinsic part of their daily life.
This is my Bombay. This is my India.

Drabble (n) - an extremely short work exactly one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity and to test the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.
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