Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unsteady Steps

[My father never got to take either of his grandchildren to the park, but this is exactly the kind of grandfather he would have been if he could.]

Together they take a walk in the park.

She’s still learning to walk – just putting one foot before the other is a huge challenge for her. She would fall if he lets go her hand.
He holds her tight. His back may be bent, his muscles weak. But his love is so strong, he will never let her fall.

She is his future. His is a past she can be proud of. Now, he can do little else but look after her. She does not get so much attention elsewhere.

Together, they take unsteady steps. Best friends now. And forever?

Drabble (n) - an extremely short work exactly one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity and to test the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.

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