Thursday, November 20, 2008

Empathy ?

Put yourself in the other man’s shoes, I was told. Strangely, I listened. And made excuses.
‘He does micromanage, but that is his style, he will change.’
‘She is just a kid, she doesn’t know better.’

I understand, but do not forget. They take my silence for acquiescence. Things only get worse.
‘He doesn’t mean to be rude, he is just stressed.’
‘She behaves like a member of the family, but she does love the kids.’

When the end comes, it takes everyone by surprise but me.

Towards employer or employed. Empathy is not a good thing.


Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

Hi Tom from Australia here.I agree with you,empathy has no place in the world of making a living.Most business people make their money by finding people who like being exploited.I guess I've decided getting rich doesn't matter.I like your blog...

Natasha Ramarathnam said...

Thanks, Tom. For reading, liking, and leaving a comment.

Getting rich is nice, but only if money brings you happiness. I am happy enough with just a little bit of it.


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