Sunday, November 30, 2008

As the siege at the Taj enters its last stages....

Random images taken on the streets of Mumbai, even as the siege at the Taj entered its final stage.

Lady wiping off days of dust from her husband's auto. He will go out to work today - will she be able to sleep again at night?

An auto spares shop - business is low, but everyone is more concerned with reading the papers.

The one man doing very brisk business.

It is old newspapers he deals in, normally...he will get many soon

These men meet everyday to read the papers - it was probably just the content that was more engrossing than normal.

When kids start going back to school, life has returned to as much normalcy as can be expected.

At a roadside shrine, were they Candles of Hope, or of Thanksgiving?

Construction crews were back at work - they had to be.

Had this booth been operational yesterday, would there have been fewer rumours?

A cricket match in progress, but why not?

To me, this daily wage earner sums us the spirit of Mumbai - back to work because you have to, but not exactly buoyant.

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