Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Snail

The snail was creeping about in the dark minding its own business when a kid spotted it. Within moments, there were five pre-schoolers jostling each other to catch a glimpse of the fabled snail. It was dark, the snail was black, and the kids were too close to a drain, so I thought it prudent to pick the snail up and move it to the lobby where there was more light.
The kids crowded around, not wanting to miss a single moment of the live action that was unfolding before there eyes. A couple of older kids joined in – one rushed off to get leaves to feed the snail. The snail did not see interested, so a couple of empathetic kids rushed off to get other delicacies that the snail may prefer to the leaves.
An inch long snail. A captive audience of a dozen.
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