Saturday, January 24, 2015

March 2014: Not considered a risk

The traffic light turns amber, you step on the accelerator in the hope of being able to get through before the light turns red. You narrowly avoid colliding with the person who has taken off seconds before the light turned green. You swerve, you swear, and you go on. After all, haven’t you been in the same situation almost every time you have taken the car out?

Accidents are averted most of the time. When they happen, the victims become just another statistic. Yet, we continue to set our own rules. Breaking traffic laws is not even considered a risk. 
Out on a run, I saw this line painted on a door and had to pause to click a photograph in March
2014: The Year That Was


Anonymous said...

What a powerful message, Natasha! Glad you shared this. And it is interesting how so many people think that rules do not apply to them...

Shalet Jimmy said...

I totally agree with you....


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