Monday, January 19, 2015

January 2014: They fall through the cracks

Multi-storied residential towers coming up. Intelligent homes, infinity pools, marble lobbies. Residences as luxurious as five-star hotels.
Building sites teeming with migrant workers. Labour camps built out of corrugated metal tiles and tarpaulin sheets, held up with coir ropes, and a prayer. Half naked men straining their muscles, emaciated women carrying loads heavier than their weight.
Glitzy hoardings branding tomorrow’s project. Next to it, caution messages, reflecting the reality of today.

In that nowhere land between fantasy and reality, a generation grows up. Ignorant, illiterate, un-informed. Their parents  sweat to give shape to our dreams. They fall through the cracks.
This picture was taken at the construction site of an upmarket high-rise coming up near our place in January
2014: The Year That Was


Margot Kinberg said...

How right you are, Natasha. You have to wonder about the lives of the children whose parents can't afford to give them a good education, nutritious food and the so on. What happens to them...

Hart Johnson said...

Very powerful, Natasha.

Jan Morrison said...

I feel this. Especially now when I live in a town separated from an aboriginal community by a river. So much grief and sorrow there.


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