Wednesday, January 21, 2015

February 2014 : What we are taught to see

“Draw a scenery’, the Art Teacher would say, and we would all whip out our drawing books and spend the rest of the period finishing near identical pictures. A mountain range with three triangular peaks. A  river snaking down to drain at the bottom of the page; trees lining it banks. The Sun peeking out from behind the hills; its rays arranged in perfect formation.
That was the ‘scenery’ we saw. That is the scenery we have taught our children to see. If we do it long enough, will the Sun grow straight line rays, and mountains develop triangular peaks?
I saw the rays of the sun leaving behind streaks of light in February
2014: The Year That Was

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Anonymous said...

Natasha - That's a really interesting question! How do we pass along our views of what's 'supposed to' be? I wonder what that does to children's creativity...


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