Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for ..... Zephyr

This is a work of fiction and forms a part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I will attempt to write a new story based on the word for the day every day during the month of April.

The youngest of five sisters, Zainab was the only one who was not larger than life.
Her oldest sister was the National Discus Champion, the next played the cello in the University Orchestra. The third sister had won the Mathematics Olympiad three times in a row, and the fourth was a published author while still in her teens.
And Zainab? Zainab was normal, just normal. The only award she would have won was for being a Normal Teenager.
And yet, it was Zainab that everyone loved. Because while cyclones make headlines, it is a zephyr that people most long for.


A Drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.


Ornery's Wife said...

Isn't that the truth! My daughter's new husband is the younger of two children who has always been compared to his sister who is "brilliant." He, however is much nicer to be around and while he is plenty smart, isn't in your face about it.

Lovely story, once again!

Anonymous said...

A great finish to the challenge and congrats on completing it.


Jan Morrison said...

Lovely Natasha and so darn true!

Elaine Smith said...

Congratulations for posting for the whole month. I have been inspired to keep on trying to keep up that pace. *yikes ;)

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Sorry I'm popping in here at the tail-end of the challenge! Lovely story...and I know people like this. :)

Anonymous said...

Natasha - This is beautiful! And it's very true-to-life. Cyclones don't draw people to them the way zephyrs do...

Chuck said...

Very sage wisdom Natasha. Congratulations on completing another great A-Z Challenge. I enjoy your drabbles very much.

Sandy Campbell said...

I liked your "Z" posting! I am participating in the "road trip" and wanted to start with the first person on the list, and work on through. When I started the A to Z Challenge I started with the name under mine, and missed so many others.

I truly miss the challenge, it was the most fun I had with my blog since I signed up! lol...sad but true!

The little one you wrote about is going to be just fine in her life! Someone has to be normal!

Enjoyed, and nice to visit with you!

Sandy of

Andy David said...

Congratulations on completing the A-Z Challenge! Just cruisin' by to say hello from the 2013 Post A-Z Road Trip.
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