Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shouldn't books be read???

The other day, someone was holding forth on a recent bestseller, and his views were so opposed to mine that I chose to interject. Soon, however, it became apparent that the parts that I reacted to most strongly, didn’t seem to have registered with him. A little bit of prodding, and the person was forced to admit that all he had actually downloaded and read was the synopsis and a review of the book.
I can never understand what drives a person to do that. Shouldn’t reading a book be an experience, beyond just knowing the plot of the story?

And yesterday, Google celebrated the 200th Birth Anniversary of Charles Dickens 
with this awesome google-doodle. Happy Birthday, and thank you for giving us hours of enjoyment!!!!

"A Classic is a book everyone has heard of, and nobody has read."


Erin Beyko said...

How can you judge a book by it's cover? Sounds like that's about all this person did.

Cruella Collett said...

Oh, certainly. I once cheated with a Dickens, though. Had to read "Great Expectations" for a book report, but it got too complicated for me (this was pre-Potterdom, I'm sure). So I read it in Norwegian instead, and only wrote the report in English.

Later, though, I've read several Dickenses (Dickens') in its original, and naturally NOW I far prefer that. The folly of the young...

Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - Such a metaphor here for the kind of pre-judging we do in life sometimes. Thank you for the reminder!


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