Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our One True Love

Know what day today is?
It’s International Book Giving Day.
While the rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with candies, chocolates and roses, it is not much more meaningful to use the day to introduce people to our One True Love- the Love of Books and Reading.
You can gift a book or two to a loved one, donate used books to people who do not have any of their own, or simply leave a few books in a waiting room where there is nothing else to keep people occupied.
Single or attached. Young or old. Everyone loves Books!

If you can't physically go out and hand over a book, you can also make an online donation to provide a book to a child in remote villages in the highlands of Gautamala.


Erin Beyko said...

I read this right before my husband left for a morning doctors appointment so I sent him away with a handful of magazines to donate to the office.

SueAnn said...

I love this idea..never thought about donating a book.


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