Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saraswati Pujai

Saraswati Pujai was the festival I always looked forward to as a child. The Goddess of Wisdom, Learning and the Arts, she was worshiped as a pile of books bedecked in bright cloth and jewels. On that one day, I always got a break from studying- Saraswati couldn't be expected to preside over my homework on her birthday, could she?

When I was a little older, I realised that giving her a break meant I couldn't read either, which left me with not too much I could do. Now I have the Internet.

Except... does she preside over blogdom too?

A drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.
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Jan Morrison said...

fraid so! She wants you to wander in fields of flowers or of children I think. Noticing what is at your hand and heart instead of in your head! You are a wonder, girl!

Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - What a wonderful festival! And, yes, I would guess she presides over blogdom. Especially blogs like yours that have so much wisdom and learning in them.

Mason Canyon said...

A festival to celebrate wisdom, learning and the arts, now that's a festival everyone should celebrate.

I would suspect she does preside over blogdom.

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Dyche Designs said...

I love hearing about this stuff. :0)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Saraswati keeps up with the times. The Blogosphere is Hers, Hers, Hers!!! What a delightful thought.

Tina said...

I agree with Debra! What a lovely festival, celebrating something that I fear is becoming more rare in this technological age...Love this blog, Rayna. Learning so much about your culture!

Julie Musil said...

Books bedecked in bright cloths and jewels? Sounds lovely!

Talli Roland said...

That sounds amazing! I hope she does preside over blogdom!

Anonymous said...

I think she does! And I hope one day she comes to visit me! Clearly she hangs around you and your marvelous stories! - G

Clarissa Draper said...

Maybe all you can do is get outside and enjoy nature. Like a walk in the park. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Rayna!


Faith said...

That sounds like a great festival! Get outside, enjoy the sounds of nature and people :)

RaShelle said...

That's awesome Rayna! You have such a talent for drabble's girl. Loved it.

Ellie said...

Lovely; Go enjoy something colorful, dance, write colorful quotes of wisdom! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate, to me~

Jemi Fraser said...

What a lovely festival!! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Depends - can you blog without reading?

slommler said...

What a beautiful festival! And books festooned with jewels and rich fabrics is quite lovely.
Thanks so much for sharing your holidays with me.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Jan- didn't take any chances. Didn't log on even once after scheduling this post. Made progress on the sweater I am knitting.

@ Margot- if we are talking wisdom and learning, she resides in your blog.

@ Mason- she's cornered everything that makes life worthwhile, hasn't she?

@ Dyche- thank you.

@ Debra- so next year, I put my laptop there with all the books and notebooks.

@ Tina - thank you. The thing I love most about Hinduism is that you can pick and choose who you want to worship (or worship them all).

@ Julie- isn't it just? Normally, people just keep a piece of cloth on the pile of books, but my grandmother started a tradition of actually adorning the books, and I continue.

@ Talli- if we ask her to, I am sure she will be happy to take that over too.

@ Georgina- she does hang around your blog too. I think your posts are lovely. As are you.

@ Clarissa- to get to the nearest park, I would have to traverse miles of fumes. Not worth it. I people watched instead.

@ Faith- I got out and people watched. It was fun.

@ RaShelle- thank you.

@ Ellie- dancing and writing would come under her domain, and we give her a day of rest. But there is so much more that can be done.

@ Jemi- it is, isn't it?

@ Alex- I could try.

@SueAnn- it is a beautiful idea, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Clearly she does, and has showered her blessings on you as much as possible!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Garima - on you too, if your blog is anything to go by. But I guess Saraswati blesses anyone who cherishes her.


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