Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Parasol

Evening gown, stilettos, upswept hair, and... an umbrella? Could any composition ever be more incongruous?
She was told it was a parasol. Bollocks. Parasols were meant to keep out the sunlight – this one was perfectly angled to reflect the studio lights onto her shoulders.
She tried telling them they had to shoot outdoors, that nobody ever opened their parasols indoors.

She was just a model, she was told. She knew nothing of advertising.
True. But she had common-sense. Would people not rather buy an umbrella if the advertisement had the model splashing through puddles in a mac and wellies?

Drabble(n) - an extremely short work of fiction exactly one hundred words in length.

Picture credit - Parasol by Mark Spain


dipali said...


The Old Silly said...

I heard it was a "Bumbershoot". And "Drabble"? That's a new one on The Old Silly!


Jan Morrison said...

I like this one! I like all your Drabbles.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Marvin - I had to look the word up, and I rather like it. My brolly now has a new name!

@ Jan - thanks.


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