Sunday, March 15, 2009

The humble Marigold

Deep orange, bright yellow, or maroon and gold- the marigold is one flower you can never get away from in India. Markets during festivals are filled with mountains of marigold flowers waiting to be strung into garlands and torans.

And yet, it is precisely the abundance of the flower that denies it the status it deserves.

Marigolds are used in worship, but you will never see a lady wearing marigold flowers in her hair. Almost every doorway sports marigold torans, but when was the last time you saw marigold flowers arranged in a crystal vase?
Indians rarely list marigolds as a favourite flower, and yet, it is the one flower that rarely fails to evoke nostalgic memories in non-resident Indians.

A friend loves the flower so much, she has even named her house ‘Marigold’ – she dreams of growing every variety of the flower in her garden someday. I am not so ambitious. But what I love doing is helping my sons take the flower apart, sprinkle it in the soil and watch the plants germinate and grow.
The grand progeny of the flowers I used during Diwali are flowering in my garden today.

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