Friday, January 9, 2009

The richer the better

Tucked away in a corner on Carter Road, I loved this cutout of Farhan Akhtar that said, "Men, Chocolate and Coffee... richer the better".
Firmly puts women in the driver's seat, though not quite in the way a feminist would approve of.
It also proves what I already knew- that he is the man most 30+ women would want to go on a date with.

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Bubbly Bala said...

I tried this one on the men. How are a chocolate, coffee and men similar? None could guess but they were in splits when they heard the answer. I moved on to another group.Soon enough two of them came up and cofronted me with"how are women,wine and music similar'. None of us had the answer they wanted but there were a lot of wild guesses. They truimphantly said,'all three are intoxicating'. Just goes to prove that men always like to have the last word.

Natasha Ramarathnam said...

If their words are as sweet, who grudges them the last word?


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