Monday, October 14, 2013

Their "lot in life"

Over the last few days, three friends have spoken to me about “lot in life”. To hear them speak, their life has been one of constant misery, with no visible end to their suffering in sight. Not for a moment am I belittling their problems- unless you experience it yourself, you can have no idea what another person is going through.

Yet, the same people also have so much to be thankful for, all of which they take for granted. Yes, it is natural to want more. But when we have so much, shouldn’t we also be counting our blessings? 

This is the fifth year that I am going to be a part of NaBloWriM. The writing mojo seems to have deserted me, but by elaborating either on a quote that touches my heart, or by attempting to capture a fleeting emotion, let me see how long I last.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - That's so important! If we focus on what is good in our lives, that just makes everything easier. It's healthier, too.


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