Saturday, October 12, 2013

Isn't a passion meant to give you pleasure?

“My Personal Bests are drying up”, is a comment I often hear from other runners. And I never cease to be surprised.
Why did we start running? Because running gave us something- the time to be with ourselves, the joy of being in resonance with our body, a high that only another runner will understand. Were we even thinking of distances or times? Definitely not.
Then why start now? Why beat yourself up chasing an arbitrary number, if it means giving up the joy that running gave you in the first place? Isn’t a passion meant to give you pleasure?

This is the fifth year that I am going to be a part of NaBloWriM. The writing mojo seems to have deserted me, but by elaborating either on a quote that touches my heart, or by attempting to capture a fleeting emotion, let me see how long I last.


Anonymous said...

Natasha - I couldn't agree more. Doing something because one's passionate about it is so fulfilling. And remembering why we did something in the first place is a wonderful way to keep fresh our joy in it.

Danette Baltzer said...

I think it's hard to keep the passion- I mean passion is passion because it burns and is like a wild fire. But eventually a wild fire will burn down to an ember and at some point you have to add fuel. This is true of whatever passion you have: writing, marriage, running, etc.


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