Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Mother of a Reader

“Haven’t you already read this book?”, my husband often asks. “Why are you reading it again?”
“For the same reason you keep watching the same match on TV”, I tell him. “Because I want to.”
Non-readers just don’t get it. Reading is not like watching TV. Reading needs you to concentrate, to put in effort. Why would you do that, when you already know the ending?
But a Reader knows that it is precisely when you are not rushing towards the ending that you get the most out of a book.
I am glad I am the mother of one.

When I first read Vikram Seth's "A Suitable Boy", I nearly got a stress fracture on my wrist because of the weight of the book. One decade, two kids, and many life experiences later, when I returned to the book this year, the book gave me just as pleasure as it did the first time I round. I am glad I discovered it, gladder that I re-discovered it. Taken at a Cafe outside my sons' school in November, this photograph forms a part of my Pictorial Flashback of 2012.


SueAnn Lommler said...

To finish a story is a sad tale indeed...only re-course is to re-read the book!!

Anonymous said...

Natasha - I couldn't agree more. Reading a book again gives one the chance to pick up all of the subtleties and nuances one missed the first time. And it allows one to focus on things in a different way. To me, that is a very good thing.


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