Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Woman's Day

We are the lucky ones. We may struggle fit into one day all that we are required to, but we know Choice. We may complain and crib (mostly with reason), but we do have a voice that is heard.

Many others are not as lucky. Because of their gender, they are killed even before they can be born, or allowed to die before they reach early childhood. They are deprived of basic needs, and treated as little more than a commodity in a male dominated society.

For them, and for us; purple for dignity, white for purity, green for hope.

Happy Woman's Day
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Kittie Howard said...

Happy Women's Day to you! I know we women have made progress, but I sometimes feel sad at setbacks in a lot of places.

L. G. Keltner said...

It's true, we've seen setbacks, but we are so much luckier than many women around the world. I'm grateful to be able to express myself. When women have a voice, there is always hope of improvement. When women are denied that voice, those of us who have one need to stand up for them by raising awareness and speaking out.

Thank you to everyone who is trying to do that.

Happy Women's Day!

Jan Morrison said...

Happy Women's Day to you my dear pal! I so appreciate my favoured life and pray that all women will have the choices denied to them that I have so richly enjoyed.


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