Thursday, November 11, 2010

That place where I am going to be

Fifteen years back, dial-up connections were rare. Today, we have plug and play internet cards.
Ten years back, usage of mobile phones was restricted to those who could pay a fortune to use them. Today, every second person and their mother and daughter has one.

And yet, there are places where there are mobile phones, but no electricity to charge them. A place where nobody can use a computer because there is no electricity to run them on.

That place is Rural India, and that's where I am going to be for two days.

How will I survive, I wonder.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - As always, you make me think.. It is hard to imagine my life without electricity. A simple basic need - electricity. And yet, people do live in places where there is none. Have a safe trip, and I'll look forward to hearing from you when you are back.

Clarissa Draper said...

Wow, it's like me going camping... well, I don't really go camping because there's no internet.
I hope you have a good time, Rayna.

kmckendry said...

Whenever I'm in the middle of nowhere, my spirit is renewed by the lack of technology and I survive off the richness of the scenery around me. You will fill your brain with many new scenes to drabble about! Can't wait to read it.


Saumya said...

Wow!! I bet you will come back so refreshed :) Have an amazing time! Cannot wait to hear about it.

Mary Vaughn said...

You will survive and you will come home to tell us of your experiences. We will all think about how much we have and wonder if we truly share enough.
Take care.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You'll come back with a really great drabble I'm sure! Enjoy the unplugged time.

Jules said...

Unplugged was a blessing for me. Enjoy the quite :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

ladyfi said...

How lovely to get away from it all! Enjoy this time with yourself.

Holly Ruggiero said...

It’s nice to get away from all the electronic stuff and get back to simpler times, but it can also be strange as we’ve become so use to the conveniences.

Deb and Barbara said...

Yeah, it's weird, isn't it, to suddenly realize you'll be "out of touch". But I feel also really good for you...

Enjoy it!
The Middle Ages

Jen Chandler said...

Safe travels! And I'm sure you'll be fine in "the wild".

Enjoy your trip!

LTM said...

I imagine it'll be very refreshing! Except for the part where you're doing whatever it is you're doing... What are you doing? Outreach? Be safe~ <3

Hart Johnson said...

Indeed. How will you make it.

My uncle lived in Botswana for a number of years and electricity ran drom 9-3 each day (while the school was in session)--other than that, he ran his computer on his Jeep battery. No internet though. No cell phone. Though I think they had landlines, so internet might indeed be possible if there were a direct cable instead of a modem. He was there before all that.

Danette said...

I always think it would be nice to be without those things on vacation and then I wind up packing them. I haven't gone anywhere I couldn't have wireless in years. And when I was unreachable by cell for a few days last summer I felt a bit vulnerable, lol. It will be good I'm sure-- it's good for all of us to be without our toys whenever we can.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great photo! Even an old beater truck can have a touch of glamour and celebration!

Melissa said...

enjoy your trip girl! Cute picture

Dorte H said...

Well, there may be several things I´d miss in rural India, but really, I think a few days without a phone can be a blessing :D

Enjoy, and please bring back some pictures!

Chary Johnson said...

Wow, I am so electricity dependent, I wouldn't know how to survive. Good luck hon!

Plain Jane said...

I was always surprised to see the poorest of Guatemala talking on cell phones. Very little food, no nutrition, but an active cell phone.

slommler said...

It would take me one week to recover from my withdrawal!! Ha! Then maybe I would enjoy myself. The peace and no interruptions. Just maybe.....??

Anu said...

I guess you would be back by the time you read this, so I hope you had a wonderful time! I look forward to going somewhere where even a mobile will not ring!

raji said...

Well ,my father being from a typical rural india,though living in a city ,i have experienced this 'life without electricity' and can imagine this...but for a change this life were you have time for yourself away from the routine world is good!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Margot- I grew up in a place wehre the power went off every day for a couple of hours. But these people never have electricity.

@ Clarissa- the only difference is taht this is life for those people

@ kmckendry- you are a prophet.

@ Saumya- yes, it has changed me as a person

@ Mary - as did I! And bored you for so many days after that.

@ Alex- and aren't you fed up of hearing about it

@ Jules- I am not sure I can do quite that

@ Fiona - goign away on work, though

@ Holly- this was stranger because I went on work. And couldn't access work becasue of the lack of technology

@ Barbara- it was great

@ Jen- rural India, actually.

@ Leigh- work. Watching people distribute solar lanterns

@ Hart- I grew up in a similar place too. We didn't have a telephone in hte whole town- only a local network. But we didn't miss it

@ Danette- I would hate to be where there are no phones. What if there is an emergency?

@ Debra- thank you.

@ Melissa- thank you. Common sight in rural India

@ Dorte- not when you have kids. It wasn't :-(

@ Chary- neither could I

@ Plain Jane- yes, that is amazing.

@ slommler- I was so busy, I didn't even notice it. So no withdrawal

@ Anu- you can put it on silent as I do.

@ raji- I grew up in cities without electricity. But it was always those hours you had to survive, not forever


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