Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can we ever know?

There was a time when I thought anyone who took part in a marathon was a breed apart. It wasn't even on my bucket list, because it was something I could not even think of doing, ever. I was right in a way- nobody I knew had ever run a marathon, so why would I think it was doable?

Then I started running, and found that I could. Not well, or fast, but for long periods. Three years after I registered for my first half-marathon, my love affair continues.

Can we ever know what we can do unless we try?
drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.

And if you want to know what a marathoner looks like, do check out this inteactive feature of 99 faces of the NY Marathon- Faces at the Finish

Aren't they just like you and me? Aren't they you and me?


dipali said...

Always inspiring, Rayna!

Holly Ruggiero said...

That’s awesome. Congratulations. I’ve know a few people who have done marathons. (I still think they are crazy.)

You are so right about the trying. As they say, "that is half the battle."

LTM said...

you are my hero! My running skillz are like yours, but I've never run in any competitions. Hubs does half-marathons and has a full in the bucket list... Geaux, Rayna! :o) <3

Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - What a hopeful - what an uplifting message! I so admire the fact that you are an accomplished runner :-). And what a wonderful message for all of us who aren't sure whether we should dare to do something.

Anu said...

So u are running the half marathon?? great! am not a runner at all, but hubby has been running the half marathon for the last 3 years.. i simply get tired, looking at him practice! all the best to you... this year, he wont be with you, though. hes running the full marathon this year!

Ellen aka Ella said...

Congrats! I find this amazing; the thing we fear and yet slowly do. Sometimes I think the things we fear are what we should try!(sometimes, lol) xXx

Clarissa Draper said...

Marathon is on the bottom of my list... but who knows. I might someday. I'm so proud of you.

Al said...

One of my crazy brothers graduated from marathons to triathlons.
Not for me, never for me. Shudder.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And most of us can go farther than we think!
You really run marathons? Good for you!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Good for you, Rayna. Running is one thing I did try but failed miserably. Bad knees caused me all kinds of trouble. I'm great on the exercycle, though. :)

Cold As Heaven said...

I should do the same, start running again, or some other kind of exercise >:)

Cold As Heaven

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Bravo! I'm glad you found something you thought was impossible, and saw it was possible. :)

GutsyWriter said...

I am happy you love it. I love the gym and weights, but not running. I twist my ankles on tiny pebbles. Keep it up though.

Anonymous said...

You're right.. We do what we think we can. If we tell ourselves we can't do it, then we won't.

An inspiring post!

Hart Johnson said...

Natasha-I love your drive. I think it's great that you are still running.

Dorte H said...

I think it is great for you that you can, but I have never been good at running. Riding a bicycle or swimming works, but not running.

But of course I get your point; before I tried, I didn´t know that I could teach, hold a speech, raise a child, write a book or love someone unconditionally.

So go out there and try!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Dipali - I am always for getting people to challenge themselves. And then I stay away from driving in the city.

@ Holly - I have done it, and I agree with you- they are crazy. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that? But we do! There you are- crazy.

@ Leigh- tell hubs to just go for it. The full will stay on a bucket list forever if you let it- you have to just take the plunge and train like mad.

@ Margot - I am definitely not an accomplished runner- I am just that person who tries to fool herself into believing she is one. But yes, once I start, I refuse to give up, which is why I complete- you would too, I am sure.

@ Anu - I'll wave to your husband in Jan!!!! Seriously though, it is funny that he and I started running at the same time. I did my fulll last year, and am not going to attempt it again for a bit.

@ Ellen - as long as the body cna keep up with it, though. I would not want to kill myself trying.

@ Clarissa- and if you don't like running, that is exactly where it should be. Why subject yourself to something you do not like?

@ Al - a triatholon is my dream not spoken. I can barely swim to save my life, and am not sure I will ever become powerful enough even for a half-triatholon :-(

@ Alex - that we definitely can. And not marathons, marathon- in the singular.

@ Patricia - I am firmly in the camp that believes you should only run if your body lets you.

@ Cold As Heaven - Just Do It! With or without Nike.

@ Oddyoddyo13 - always nice when that happens.

@ GutsyWriter - you are the gym queen, Sonia. If only I could look as good as you. But I need to work on it, and I don't :-(

@ Fiona - thank you. And so true

@ Hart - now the kids are older, I don't get much exercise unless I go look for it ;-(

@ Dorte - precisely. It is not what you do, but the fact that you do that matters.

dipali said...

A challenge which doesn't uplift your spirits in some way isn't quite worth it, methinks!!!!! Driving in our cities is best avoided:)

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Dipali - you do have a point. There is nothing uplifting about driving in an Indian city.


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