Saturday, May 2, 2009


"Charon taraf gopiyan, beech mein Kanhaiya.
Pretty maidens dancing all around Kanhaiya."

Long before he revealed himself to the world as a God, Kanhaiya was the flirtatious cowhand who had all the girls in Vrindavan dancing to his tune. Young or old, married or single– no female was immune to his impish charms. He hid their clothes while they were in the communal baths- but could anyone stay angry with him after he flashed that charming smile?

Spring turned to Summer. Kanhaiya the cowhand was forced to become the King of Dwarka. But his tunes continue to echo in Vrindavan.
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iamthetiger said...

interesting blog indeed.

Natasha Ramarathnam said...


Incidentally, Staying Alive is one of my all time favourites too!


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