Sunday, May 17, 2009

India Ink

It all depends on the question you ask.
If you ask me which party I support, I would say 'none at all'.
If, instead, you ask me which party I would be least opposed to forming the Government, I would say 'the Congress'.

At least the party is secular, not openly castist, and has reasonably sound economic policies. If they suffer from not having a leader, so do all the other parties.

Which is why I am more than happy with the results of the General Elections. The people and parties I would have been scared to see in power will not in power, most of the parties that complicated mathematics have been eliminated, and it is most likely that one party would be in power for the next five years. Come to think of it, one could not have hoped for too much more.

After yesterday, I have developed a lot of respect for the Indian voter. Maybe only a disproportionatly small percentage of people who can vote actually do, but when the chips are down, they know what needs to be done.

Maybe now the markets will correct themselves, the economy will pick up, and there will be peace on earth!

I couldn't resist slipping the last bit in.
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Bubbly Bala said...

Fully agree with your views.
For a change we both happen to atlast agree on something .I sat glued to the TV listening to the post-poll analysis till 10PM last night and and read everything in today's newspapers.
The last time I went crazy like this was during the recent Amaerican elections.

Gouri Dange said...

though i cynically say - they're all the same, yes i agree with you. while no one was looking, i did a bit of a jig. at least hate-mongerers, official ones, wont be in charge.

Natasha Ramarathnam said...

Till such time there is a viable alternative, and I know that is most unlikely because by the time someone gets to 200 plus seats, the system would have corrupted them, I am happiest with the Congress.
And I hope the last two decades have taught them that hate mongering does not work, at least not for them, and their best bet is to go back to speaking for the nation as a whole.


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