Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Shopping List

Last night, the older one came up to me and said he wanted to be taken to the supermarket.
“And what do you intend doing at the supermarket?”, I asked.
“I need to buy several things”, he replied.
“Britania cake, Britania biscuit, Gems,…. and lots of other stuff.”
“Okay, we’ll take you to the supermarket tomorrow, but before we leave, you need to make a shopping list.”

This morning, immediately on waking up, the son reminded me of the shopping list. After brushing his teeth, and before even having breakfast, he sat down at the table, asked for a pencil, and asked me how a shopping list was made.”


The words had to be spelt out to him, and since he insisted on using ‘joined handwriting’, some of the formations had even to be demonstrated. But the important thing is that he made out a list entirely on his own, and wrote most of it out himself.
I remember writing a letter to my grandfather when I was eight. At the rate at which my son is going, he may well reach that milestone a couple of years earlier.

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