Thursday, July 17, 2008

When Things Just Fall into Place

At the pool yesterday, there were two beginning swimmers struggling to cross the breadth of the pool. They were doing everything right, but it was just not falling into place, and seeing me effortlessly do my laps, one of them asked the instructor, “How long before I can swim like that?”

Before he could reply, I burst out, “Just one day!”

I could tell by the fact that she did not ask how, that my answer had left her speechless. But that IS the answer – ONE DAY. One day, you are doing everything the way it is to be done and struggling, the next day, everything just falls into place, and you are doing it right!


How well I remembered my first swimming lessons.

Holding onto the bar, I could keep doing the circular leg movements till the instructor asked me to stop. I could quite effortlessly glide the breadth of the pool, and quite enjoyed being able to do so. Holding my breath underwater was less of a problem than I’d anticipated.

I could do everything right, but when it came to actual swimming, I could manage barely six strokes before either going under, or having my feet touch the bottom. Once, just once, I managed to touch the opposite wall, but the very next time I tried it, I barely reached the half-way mark.

How could everyone else swim so well, and me struggle so much? Was there something fundamentally wrong with me? Was it that I was intrinsically badly co-ordinated, and I should give up all dreams of ever learning to swim? At thirty-six, was I too old to learn something new. I despaired of ever learning to swim, but being the stubborn creature that I was, refused to give up, and kept pegging away.

And then, one day, it all just fell into place. I kicked off from one wall, did exactly what I had been doing the last couple of days, and before I knew it touched the opposite wall. The next day, I was swimming the length of the pool, and before I knew it, the arm floats were off, and I was a veteran.

Two weeks later – backstroke. Kicking was hardly an issue, but floating proved impossible. This time I knew exactly what to expect, and just waited for that Eureka moment. And sure enough, it arrived. One day I was going under, the next day I hurt my hand when I unexpectedly touched the other wall with the force of the initial kick not totally dissipated.


“Just One Day!!!”, was the answer I gave the lady in the pool.

“Just One Day!”, is the answer I keep giving myself everyday.

Setting up a new business is not easy – you are being pulled in all directions, you are stretching yourself to the utmost, you are firefighting all the time, and yet, you don’t seem to be going anywhere. But, I know it is all just going to fall into place one of these days. Waiting it out till that Eureka moment is the tough, but knowing that the moment will arrive, that the moment has to arrive makes the wait a bit easier.

Today, that lady WAS swimming!!!!


meera said...

How true!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

It is, isn't it? And not just in swimming.


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