Thursday, February 14, 2013

You did me proud

“I hope I win a medal”, my son muttered on the way to his Sports Day.
“Remember, I will love you whether or not you win”, I whispered back.
He gave it all he had. He pushed himself till the end. He was the best he could be. Unfortunately, it was not good enough for a medal.
I am a runner. I can recognise effort when I see it. I was proud of my seven year old. Prouder than I would have been had he won an easy race.
“You did me proud”, I told him. And I meant it.
A Drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.


Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - What a wonderful mother you are! You are teaching your son how important it is to put forth effort and do one's very best. And you are teaching your son that his character is more important than a medal is. He is a fortunate boy to have you as his mum.

dipali said...



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