Sunday, June 20, 2010

She !!!

She is hot, she is sexy. She sends the mercury soaring. Makes hemlines rise and necklines plunge. She makes you long for the pool, to escape to the hills.

She tantalizes you with a flash of cloudy skies. Drives you mad with desire, but keeps the monsoons firmly under her skirt. And when you feel you can’t take it anymore, she ends the anticipation. Lets the heavens open up, bringing succor to parched souls.

Is she fickle, or moody? Is she experienced, or innocent? Can anybody read her right?
Would anyone want to?

Ridden with teenage angst, she is June.

The June Blackboard project- drabbles from A to Z, with a special bonus on Sundays- only at the Burrow.

drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

This is pure Magic Rayna, love the read.


Not Hannah said...

LOVE this.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Good stuff!

Clarissa Draper said...

That's really beautiful. Ah, June, where are you going? How fast you come and you go.


Mason Canyon said...

Enjoy the drabble. Our June has been so hot I'm not sure I want to see what July brings. :)

Thoughts in Progress

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great story! True, too.

RA said...


Ellie said...

Love this; here in my parts, she would be named July~
Great job ;-D

Jemi Fraser said...

What a lovely description! :)

Patricia Stoltey said...

You do these drabbles so well, Rayna. Our Colorado June has been very hot and a little wetter than usual. Lush and green is not our normal environment...but it does look pretty.

Jan Morrison said...

you are a poet, you know! the monssons under her skirt. wonderful.

Trudy said...

This is fabulous, a very enjoyable read! It also describes the June we are having perfectly!

God bless you dear!

Marjorie said...

The days are long
Day after day
When April's here
That leads to May
And June must follow soon
Stay June Stay
If only we could stop the Moon
And June

-Christina Rosetti-

Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! You have a way with words. Will come back to read more :)

Helen Ginger said...

Love it! (Wish I could say that about a Texas June. Here, it would be all about heat.)

You have a wonderful way with words.

Anonymous said...

You learn something new every day. I did not know what a Drabble was. Now I know. 10 words or less. Thanks.

Stephen Tremp

Joanne said...

June definitely opens the door on summer ... Happy Summer to you :)

Deb and Barbara said...

June IS sexy! Bang on drabble.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Yvonne - thanks. Magic is a word I adore ;-)

@ Heather/ Diane/
Debra/ RA/ Jemi/ Trudy - thanks

@ Clarissa - she is shorter than most others

@ Mason - funny how the months are so different round the world.

@ Ellie - I guess she goes by different names in different places

@ Patricia - that sounds divine

@ Jan- never really thought of myself as one, but if you say so :-)

@ Marjorie- I would like June to stay too.

@ worldthrumyeyes - welcome to the blog, and thank you

@ Helen - as were our April and May! And thanks.

@ Stephen- everyone should try drabbles sometime.

@ Joanne - in India, June is the end of Summer and the start of the monsoons

@ Barbara- she is, isn't she? I love her more because she is my birth month.


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