Saturday, April 4, 2009

Teacher, teacher

Just over two years apart in age, they fight over everything. They fight over books. They fight over toys. They fight over whether to watch Cartoon Network or Pogo. They fight over who gets to sit on my lap. They fight about who has a bath first. They even fight over who gets to throw stuff into the dustbin.
The only time they don’t fight is when they play ‘Teacher Teacher’. The younger one is thirsty for knowledge and laps up every scrap thrown his way. The older one loves asserting his superior knowledge.
For a few moments, there’s PEACE.
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Meera said...

My kids love to play a doggie game. Nivi is the mother (human) and Ash the puppy - he looks extremely convincing

Natasha Ramarathnam said...

How do they play it- does she pet him, or merely feed him?
When mine play act at being animals, both of them become dogs or cats or whatever.


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