Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pomegranate - A Symphony in Red

I have yet to meet anyone who does not like Pomegranates. There is just something about the fruit that appeals to everyone - maybe it is the vivid ruby red hues, or the feel of pomegranate juice dribbling down your chin, or suspense - will this fruit be sweet, or will it be tart?
I rarely bought pomegranates because taking the seed casings out was too much of a bother, but after someone told me it stimulates appetite in small children, I've made sure the kids had at least one fruit each every week.
The older one likes it with a pinch of salt, the younger merely insists on having a spoon to scoop it up with.

This picture was taken to test out the manual focus function of my camera. The fruit was placed on a window ledge where there was adequate natural light, and the photograph was taken in the close-up setting using normal lens. The photograph was not touched up at all (only cropped) - that is how beautiful the fruit is when seen close up.


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Natasha said...

I do love the colours - so many shades of red and all of a single hue.


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