Thursday, August 7, 2008

I had a hair-band

I had a hair-band. One of those wire contraptions that had become popular after Abhishek Bachchan sported them in whichever movie he sported them in. It had been bought in a misguided attempt to tame my wild hair, and I’d even forgotten it ever existed.
Yesterday, my four year old found the headband, and was thrilled when I stuck it into his silky hair. He scampered out of the room to admire his new look in the mirror, and appeared a couple of minutes later with the ends of the hair-band tucked behind his ears. “Mamma, I’m a doctor”, he said, and proceeded to get his favorite teddy to breathe in and breathe out while he examined her.
When he tired of it, and started twisting the band around, I had to caution him against getting hurt. He didn’t respond to me at all, and after a couple of attempts, held up the twisted band and asked me which number he’d made – it did look like the 6 that it was supposed to be.
After a few attempts at making a seven, he slotted the notches into each other, and asked me which number it was. I tried guessing. Eight? Zero? It was a zero – a zero with two ears.
“Mamma, why do all numbers not have ears?”
Was this the same kid I used to yell at for watching TV when he had a cupboard-full of toys he did not play with?
I had a hairband. I no longer have it. I am not sure what it has now become.


Bubbly Bala said...

This is exactly what I ppreciate.When you buy children fancy toys they forget to use their imagination which they have in abundance.I always envied the children playing most imaginatively on the stteets
with worn out tyres brocken buckets and all sorts of odds and ends they managed to get their hands on.And they would be happily occupied for hours on end.How many of our kids can be left by themselves to amuse themselves.Hope this trend continues.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Did I tell you I cleaned out the toy cupboard the other day, and have now started recycling toys - one lot I keep on the lower shelves, and the intention is to move those up, and bring other toys down when they tire of this lot.
But these two are funny - they will not play with fancy toys, but may just spend hours with something really silly.

Bubbly Bala said...

Dont even call anything they play with as silly.To them they are tools to use their imagination.Both your boys have inherted their mother's imagination.Fancy toys you can go to the market and buy but imagination is something you to have.

Natasha said...

It gets really aggravating at times - they whine and whine till you get them the game they want. And when you do get it for them, it doesn't quite work the way they want it to, and they get frustrated and throw tantrums.
And then they are so happy with cardboard cartons!!!!


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