Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From Me To You Picasso

I promise to play catch up with Awards this week.

Over two months back, Ann at All Write with Coffee handed over the 'From Me To You" Award, only she called it the "From Me To You (Picasso)" Award, and gave it to me because she liked some of the photographs I had posted that week!

I'm exercising my poetic license, and am passing it on to bloggers who touch the heart with the visual images they create -

Heather of I'm not Hannah
Faith of Sacred Dirt
Fifi of Fififlowers
Jan of Crazy Jane
Marjorie of Everything Emerald
Patricia of Patricia Stoltey

Each is an incredible artist, and I salute them all.

And here's a photograph of a flower that bloomed in my "garden" earlier this week. One of the several varieties of jasmine, Juhi, with their mild fragrance always take me back to my childhood.

Jasminum auriculatum


Anonymous said...

My thank you comment disappeared! I'll try again: many thanks for this award - I'm honoured. I saltue you right back - thanks for such insightful writing.

Mason Canyon said...

Congrats on the award and thanks for some great new links to check out. I love the photo of the jasmine, so enjoy the smell of that flower.

Thoughts in Progress

Patricia Stoltey said...

Thank you, Rayna, that's so sweet.

And congratulations on receiving the award -- you have wonderful photos but you also have a way of giving us word pictures that make us feel as though we've been all the places you talk about. The jasmine photo makes me want to lean over and inhale the scent.

dipali said...

Do you remember the Bhimsen Joshi & Manna Dey song- ketaki gulab juhi champak ban phooley?
That's what your beautiful photograph evoked.
I've loved all your recent posts, just been caught up with too much stuff to comment on each. Loved the mega-post especially:)

Jan Morrison said...

Congratulations for your richly deserved award and thank you for passing it on to me...I accept it humbly and as you know that's hard for me! Ha! I'm having a struggling day - did my thousand words but the plot is UNWIELDLY. Going to go take the pooch for a stroll and blow the dust outa my brainpan...

Lydia Kang said...

Congrats on your award, and thanks for the lovely pict. I can almost smell the Jasmine!

Doli said...

ohhh i'm wanting to smell the flowers now!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Yay awards! I'll go follow these links and check out the new blogs!


Lovely write, congratulations to the award winners. loved the photo's.


Unknown said...

Ah, shucks, Rayna. Thank for mentioning my blog. I don't know why I called it Picassa...


Karen Walker said...

You are very deserving of this award, Rayna. Congrats. And thanks for the lovely flower photo. It is quite lovely.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Great photo - I can almost smell the aroma! Congratulations on your much deserved award.

Ann said...

Congrats on your awards!!

Al said...

And thank you!

Ann Best said...

Found you of course through the interconnections here blogging. Glad I did. You remind me that I met a wonderful man years ago here in Virginia (USA) who did acupressure on my brain-injured daughter. He also taught us many things about India food and other cultural things. We loved him. So nice to meet you.

Wanda said...

Congrats Rayna on receiving the award.

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats! :)

I love that flower photo - so pretty :)

Faith Pray said...

Rayna, your blog is poetic in picture, word and soul food. I'm so glad you were honored with the award. And thank you for sharing it with me and these other lovely writers!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you :o) and what a beautiful flower. I bet it smells gorgeous.

Not Hannah said...

Thank you so much! And congratulations to you.

I love your blog because it makes me think and smile and say, "Yes!" quite often. You? Are a special lady.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photo! I can almost smell the jasmine. "D

Natasha said...

@ Fiona - nobody deserves the Award more than you do

@ Mason - the flowers are long gone, but the fragrance lingers

@ Patricia - the thing that drove me to your blog was the pictures and the word pictures of Colorado.

@ Dipali - will you laugh if I tell you that one of the reasons why I bought the plant was because of the song? Champa is on my wish list of plants too.

@ Jan - I am sure it will fall into place ultimately.

@ Lydia - one of my favourite flowers, and only for the fragrance

@ Doli - do :-)

@ KarenG - hope you find some new ones to follow.

@ Yvonne - thank you

@ Clarissa - I think you wanted to honour a particular photograph you liked.

@ Alex - thanks

@ Karen - most welcome

@ Jane - thank you

@ Ann - thanks, and thanks for dropping by

@ Al - thank you for the pleasure your photographs give me

@ Ann - thank you for dropping by. And the world is so very interconnected, isn't it?

@ Wanda - thank you

@ Jemi - thank you

@ Faith - thank you for those wonderful words

@ Niki - it does. A nice tropical smell

@ Heather - thank you. Was a pleasure passing the award to you

@ Chary - thank you.

dipali said...

I didn't laugh, but I'm smiling as I type:)
Lovely song, lovely flowers!

Natasha said...

@ Dipali - lovely flowers, aren't they? As nice as the song.


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