Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 101 Award

My blogger pal Anne Elle Altman from All Write with Coffee passed on this Happy 101 Award to me for "making ...(her)... cry". I'm not sure if making someone cry is a good thing or not, but Ann is so much like me in so many essential ways, I think crying could well be synonumous with happiness even for her.

Before passing on the Award, I am supposed to list ten things that make me happy. There are more than ten of them, but I will try to restrict it to ten, and if you find the mix of obvious, profound and mundane a little weird, I will have to agree with you -

a) Thing 2 and the things he says
b) Thing 1 and how he says them
c) The smell of rain hitting the parched earth
d) Flowers blooming on my potted plants
e) Curling up with a mug of steaming tea and a good book
f) The determination in the heart of youth who have everything stacked against them
g) Seeing people give, not as an act of charity, but because they want to see things change
h) Discovering a gem of a book, and finding out that it is not the only thing the writer has written
i) Running, even without hitting the zone
j) Watching the sunset paint a masterpiece on the sky

I would love to list out all the people who make me happy, but the list is much longer than just ten. To be honest, everytime anyone stops by to leave a comment, it makes me happy. And when the number of hits goes up even without people leaving a comment, it makes me happy. This Award is for all of you reading this. Leave a comment, and I will tell you why it is for you.


Ann Elle Altman said...

Thank you for mentioning me. You know one thing I'm adding to my list, I recently entered a book store and the smell in there was amazing. The smell of books...wonderful!

Oh, and since, I gave you the award... no need to give it back. But, I'm glad my comments make you happy.


Natasha said...

Ann, since I said I would, I am honouring the commitment. You make me happy with your wonderful posts, and your insightful comments. You make me happy because through you I realise how similar our two countries are which makes me realise how small the world actually is. And you make me happy with the cups of coffee you dole out in your reviews.

Hart Johnson said...

I love your list, Natasha! Several of those things make me happy too (as with the blog viewers and comments. Every time I notice a new follower, I give a little cheer, and it's not only because I desire minions--though I do desire minions *snort*)

dipali said...

I think we all like the feeling of someone knowing us through our writing, and taking the trouble to interact by commenting. Such a lovely rich world we inhabit:)
I love your list, Rayna!

Jan Morrison said...

I like your list! Especially a & b. I love having a friend in India who isn't very different than me (cept I don't run - I walk). Connecting is pretty cool eh?

Natasha said...

Three people who make me happy by just being my friends!

@ Tami - many reasons why my Thursday Twin makes me happy, one of which is because your very presence keeps reminding me that not having time is never an excuse for doing something you want to do.

@ Dipali - the first Indian friend I made in the blogging Universe. You make me happy because you are such a wonderful, caring person. Still remember how within days of meeting me, you were concerned enough about my health to ask about me. Everyone should have a friend like you.

@ Jan - you make me happy because you put me in touch with a Me who I normally neglect because she doesn't believe in jumping up and down to seek attention.

I am proud to have all three of you as my friends.

Gutsy Living said...

I liked what you said in g) about giving for charity rather than for the act of change. I agree but would go one step further: giving their time rather than money.

Anonymous said...

Lovely list! I do so agree that giving time and making an effort to change things for the better is vital.

I'd say that being able to make someone cry is one of the highest compliments you could receive.

Natasha said...

@ Sonia - I definitely agree with you. I personally think that giving money is relatively easy- giving time is much more difficult and meaningful. You make me happy because I love the choices you have made and the priorities in your life.

@ Fiona - I guess making someone cry is not a bad thing, as long as you move them to tears, and don't cause the tears. Just seeing your wonderful photographs makes me happy, and I love being reminded of how small the world actually is and how similar we all are.


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